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How To Lose More Fat And Build More Muscle In The Same Time

How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle - Fastest Way To Loose Weight And Fastest Way To Build Muscle

How to Lose more Fat and Build More Muscle in the Same Time

Over weight problem is a problem that plagued so many people all around the world. It happens to everyone no matter their age and sex. Now, we all know that over weight can lead to health problem and that is the kind of thing that most people love to stay away from. But with the modern life style like many people live in today’s world, no wonder that there are increasing numbers of people with overweight problem.

What makes it happen in the first place? Most people feel more comfortable in their home and become less active. It means they don’t do as many physical activities that they should have done so the calorie and fat in their body stuck inside them and add more weight. What makes it even worse is the unhealthy food they consume. Fast food is good for emergency time but it doesn’t serve well for long term consume. It adds more fat, calorie and other things that human body don’t really need. It accumulated inside their body and make people go fatter. Those two things are the main factors that cause overweight problem in the first place so people need to fix both of those to get their normal weight back.

Now, when people having problem with their overweight body, the first thing they have in mind is diet. Now, there is nothing wrong with diet but many people think that diet is only about restricting the amount of food that goes inside their body. It is not always the case because the main essence of diet is to eat right and eat health, so it doesn’t have anything to do with being hungry all the time. If people do the wrong kind of diet, they end up with losing weight that they think good for them but if they take a closer look they will find that the one they lose is their muscle and not the fat. This is not good at all and they need to change the way they do diet.

If that is the situation that happens to many people, it is no wonder that they start to ask how to lose fat without losing muscle? It is all about the type of diet that they do. Here are some basic guides about the right diet that people should choose :

•     Avoid all kind of diet that leaves people starving. There is no reason to starve yourself because your body will adapt to it and slowing down your body metabolism speed and you will end up less little weight
•     Eat healthy food only. Junk food is a big no so you better start to lessen and decrease the number of your visitation to junk food store. Surely you already know what healthy food is. Fruit, vegetable, red meat, fish, egg, yoghurt are small example of healthy food and you can find tons of healthy food source in the internet.
•     Make sure that you got enough intakes for your body need. Stay away from diet type that makes you get lack of certain kind of nutrition that your body need. Those kinds of diets may help you to lose weight but you will end up with feeling unwell.
•     You may want to take some supplement from time to time if you think you can’t get them enough from your daily food but you should work hard to get them from natural source only. Make sure to use the supplement as the last resource.
•     Cut your sugar and salt intake. Start to decrease it little by little so you won’t feel major difference about it. Sugar like we all know can lead to diabetes and overweight problem and you should start to evaluate how much sugar that you use every day.
•     Cut your carbohydrate intake. Many people don’t realize that they consume more carbohydrate than what their body need.
•     Reduce your fat intake. Fat, like everyone knows is the one that cause you to have extra pounds in your body.
•     If you want to work on your muscle building, then you can increase your protein intake as well. Protein is the block building on muscle in your body and eating more protein is the suggestion that every body builder will told you to.

Those whole things are the kind of things that you can do in your diet. Remember that diet in this case refer to how you manage your daily intake and not just limited them. Those ideas are also part of the fastest way to loose weight that you will find in all kind of lose weight articles.

Now, there is this new idea about how to lose weight fast and it has everything to do with your diet. It was said that there are three types of human body that burn calories and stores fat differently. The idea of this theory is to eat the right kind of foot according to the body type that will help to burn more calories, stores less fat and in the end helping people to lose their extra pounds faster. This kind of lose weight method states that there is no such thing of one typical diet that suit for everyone. People need to start their weight loss program by recognize their body type and eat the right food to accelerate more calories and fat burning. Burn The Fat is a lost weight program by Tom Venuto that works on that principle,Visit " Click Here ". So far, this is the only lost weight program that doesn’t force people to go on straight diet or spending hours in the gym to burn fat and it also don’t use any kind of fat burner supplement.

That is one program that people can give a try because it work basically on choosing the right food that can burn more fat based on people body type. But now, let’s go back to the whole losing weight idea. While diet or food management is crucial part in this idea, exercise is another thing that people should never forget. Lack of physical activity or physical exercise like it was stated before, is the reason why people start to gain weight. If that is the case, the solution is pretty simple and that is to work on routine physical exercise.

Why do people need to do this? Physical exercise is good for your body because it will help to keep you in shape, keep you healthy and of course when you do your exercise it actually burn calorie and fat from your body. In the world of losing weight, there are two popular exercise types that you can do. First type is cardio exercise that includes walking, running, swimming and biking. The second type is weight lifting exercise. There are pro and cons about both of the exercise about which one that can give people the fastest result of losing weight.

Some people decide to combine both of exercise to give the maximum result. They work with cardio exercise in one day and in another day they work with weight lifting. Here are some tips that you can follow if you want to get the best benefit from both exercise type :

•     Combine both exercise so you end up with cardio in one day and weight lifting in another day
•     Make change on the cardio exercise that you do so your body don’t adapt to it and make it less effective. So if you have done running for two weeks why don’t you change the rhythm to biking in the next weight.
•     Do the same things for your weight lifting exercise? The main point is to add more pressure and change the rhythm of the exercise so your body won’t be able to adapt to it and you can get faster result.
•     Weight lifting is the fastest way to build muscle. There are various kind of weight lifting exercise from body weight exercise that use nothing but your body as the weight (push up, sit up and pull up are part of body weight exercise) and of course there are the kind of exercise that use some tools and equipment such as barbell.
•     At some point, you are going to need someone to assist you during your workout. A personal trainer can help you to work on the training program that suit your condition and your goal. A personal trainer on weight lifting exercise will assist you in how to do the right lifting and avoid you from being injured.
•     Know you limitation. There is no need to work harder than your ability because it won’t do any good to you.

Those are some principles that you need to follow when you work on your exercise or body building. Especially for body building process, you may want to add more protein into your daily food because it can help you to grow muscle. As you can see, diet and exercise are the combination of losing weight fast and not losing muscle but build it. It was up to you on which kind of diet that you try and what kind of exercise that you want to do. You can join special weight loss program such as Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat program like the one mentioned before if you feel like to have a guide to help you achieve your purpose.

While you work on your diet and exercise program or Burn the Fat program, you also need to evaluate your life style and your habit. There are a couple of small things that you can do that actually can help you to lose weight. Those small things are the kind of things that you can do easily and you never realize that it has something to do with your weight but actually it does. Here are those things :

•     Take a stair instead of a lift. It will help you to work more on your body and it also healthier for you to do.
•     Let your body clock wake you and not your alarm clock. There are some studies that said if you always wake up thank to alarm clock, there are some sort of hormone changing in your brain that keeps you hungry and keeps you eat. But if you wake by your body clock, those hormones will replace by good hormone that will make you feel full so you don’t have to eat too much.
•     For you ladies, star to find more comfortable high heel shoes. It is a small action but it can help your body to adjust and burn fatter.

Losing weight can be quite difficult for some people but maybe because they haven’t found the right kind of things to do. Once they do, they will get all the benefit of losing weight and gain muscle in the same time.

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